The Athletic Training program at Alma College exists to provide student-athletes with an opportunity to participate in intercollegiate athletics in a healthy and safe environment. Our goals are prevention, first aid, evaluation and treatment of athletic-related injuries, follow-up and rehabilitation, and counseling on available treatment options. We will help provide the medical resources necessary to allow student-athletes to return to play as soon and as safe as possible.


Dr. Gary Vanderlugt, D.O. is the team physician for the Athletic Training program. He is a family practitioner and has been a team physician at Alma College since 1983.

Maggie Ross, P.A.-C. is the medical director of the on-campus Wilcox Medical Center. She has several years of sports medicine experience and is especially helpful with general medical conditions.

Brett Knight, Drew Curry, Danielle Knight, Brady Hopkins, Allison Strouse, Denny Griffin and Phil Andre are all certified and licensed athletic trainers. They provide sports health care for injured athletes and are responsible for the daily operation of the Athletic Training room.

Athletic Training Students assist the professional staff in the Athletic Training Room and by providing supervised coverage at practices and games. These clinical experiences help them meet the requirements for Alma College’s major in Athletic Training.


Professional Staff

Brett Knight, MS, AT, ATC, CES
Head Athletic Trainer
(0) 989-463-7288

Brady Hopkins MS, AT, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
(O): 989-463-7430

Allison Strouse MS, AT, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
(O): 989-463-7430

Catherine Newman MS, AT, ATC, CSCS
Assistant Athletic Trainer

Dr. Gary VanderLugt, D.O.
Alma College Team Physician
(O) 989-681-3524

Maggie Ross, P.A.-C.
Wilcox Medical Center
(O) 989-463-7181

Athletic Training Room
(O) 989-463-7288
Fax: 989-463-7431

Mailing Address:
Athletic Training
Hogan Center
Alma College
614 W. Superior St.
Alma, MI 48801

Educational Staff

Phillip Andre MS, AT, ATC
Director of Athletic Training Program
(0) 989-463-7429

Danielle Knight MS, AT, ATC, PES
Director of Clinical Education
(O): 989-463-7429

Denny Griffin MA, AT, ATC
Instructor of Athletic Training
(O) 989-463-7988